Pipas Frias

Pipas Frias - Painting by Brian RaszkaA painting inspired by a recent trip to Costa Rica. Traveling around Costa Rica we saw¬†many roadside stands selling fruit. We stopped and bought coconuts and the man operating the stand, with a special tool put a hole in them just big enough for a straw. The subtle flavor of coconut water is delicious. We couldn’t get enough fruit when there-nature’s candy.
My attempt with this piece was to convey the experience of being in Costa Rica. The green foliage, the fruit the many skittish dogs and a bit of the culture. For the people that now have this painting my hope is that it reminds them of Costa Rica too as I know they love it there.

I started this piece much like I start all my work-I create a kind of abstract work onto which I develop the rest of the painting. I like to see the stray marks and colors come through the final work. I had this one sketched out but didn’t really look at the sketch as I went. I just jumped in and started adding the different elements.

20″x16″ Acrylic¬† and pencil on canvas.

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