New Artwork-Step by Step Oil Painting

Just finished this piece and thought I’d document the process.
Step 1 – sketch stage. Most, of my work starts in the sketchbook as a rough sketch.
I’ve been working on small-ish pieces lately and wanted to stretch out a bit so this piece will be larger, in oil and on canvas.

Step 2 – Transfer sketch to support. In this case it’s a 20″x16″ canvas.

A closer look – pretty rough sketch but it gives me a guide. I’ll make adjustments as I go.

Step 3 – I lay down a coat of yellow-ish acrylic and start to work in my darks with a thin layer of oil.

Step 4 – Blocking in basic areas of color. I’ll work toward more detail as I go on.

A look at my palette. I use alkyds(fast drying oils) and regular oils.

Step 5 – Working the details, lights and darks. Refine, refine, refine-but not too much. I do like to see brushstrokes and texture.

Step 6 – The Final. I added some elements that I didn’t originally plan on. The more I lived with the work the more I felt the piece needed something more.
Yep, he’s a plant that has been uprooted. Classic country music plays in the background-probably Hank Williams.

2 thoughts on “New Artwork-Step by Step Oil Painting

  1. Thanks for the comment John.
    I hadn’t heard of Georganne Deen. Thanks for the tip. Funny, not having known about her work, I see some similar elements of her work in my work.

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